Llama Fun Fact!

I have received so many fun texts and emails since the release of Ollie the Owllama! Some of my favorites have been pictures of owls and llamas that have reminded readers of Ollie and his friends and family. The picture I have included in this post was from a friend’s vacation in Martha’s Vineyard this Summer. I think it may be time for me to visit this beautiful place, and meet the llamas that live there!

Did you know that llamas are kind, gentle animals? They are sometimes even used at therapy animals. They get a bad rap for the whole spitting thing, but most times they reserve this behavior for fellow llamas. Rarely do they actually spit at humans, and only if they feel threatened or are provoked. In fact, llamas don’t like the bitter taste that lingers after they spit, and because of this would prefer not to do it in the first place! So, next time you see a llama, be gentle with them and you will find them to be a great companion!

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