Book Party!

Who doesn’t like a mini pancake on a stick? Well…I imagine Ollie would just adore this tasty treat served at the launch party this past weekend. It’s the perfect appetizer, right? It is if you’re an owllama (or any pancake enthusiast for that matter!). I think the party attendees came to the same conclusion, as there were absolutely no leftovers!

That wasn’t the only great part about the book launch though. The many friends, family and book lovers who came out is what made the party so amazing! I have been overwhelmed over and over by the response to Ollie and his story, and continue to be as the week goes on.

I am so inspired by the pictures and videos sent to me this past week, one of a mom reading to her child in Seattle and one of a young boy reading to his parents in Indiana, another of llamas seen in Martha’s Vineyard that reminded a friend of Ollie. I also received a hug from a super-sweet girl in the parking lot who has read the book so many times already, even to her dog. My heart is overflowing with the response and stories I am receiving from so many near and far, and am so grateful, humbled and excited that readers love Ollie like I do.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

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