Owl Fun Fact!

Did you know there are ‘Fun Facts’ about owls and llamas in the back of the Ollie the Owllama book?

One fun fact about owls is that after they eat their prey, they spit up an owl pellet. It contains all the parts they can’t digest, like bones and fur. My 12-year-old daughter Lilly dissected one in science class this past week and this is what she discovered…

How big was the owl pellet you dissected?

It was about 2 inches long. About the size of a chapstick tube.

What color was it on the outside?

It was dark brown with flecks of grey.

What was the texture of the outside?

The outside was hard and crusty.

What did you see when you cut it open and explored inside?

It was softer on the inside. There was fur mixed with bones and what looked like dirt.

Was it fun to dissect an owl pellet? Why or why not?

It was fun because it wasn’t dissection of and animal…but you still saw and learned about animal bones because they were in the owl pellet.

What was your favorite part?

When we got to pick out the little bones and find out what kind of animal it was that the owl ate.

Did you learn any fun facts about owl pellets?

Coughing up owl pellets helps to clean out an owl’s throat and esophagus. There are things their stomach acid can’t break down, so this process is a necessary part of an owl’s digestion.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Lilly! An owl pellet seems a little gross to me, but definitely an interesting thing to share with our friends!

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