Strawberry Picking

There is nothing better than sun-ripened strawberries in the spring. It is the beginning of strawberry season here in Charlotte, NC, which means we will be eating strawberry EVERYTHING for the next month – strawberry jam, strawberry bread, strawberry baked oatmeal…you get my point! And, of course, we pick them ourselves!

This past weekend, Emma and I drove out to Wise Acres, a farm with animals, homemade pizzas and strawberry slushies, a playground and rows upon rows of gorgeous fruitful strawberry plants!

We worked hard picking enough strawberries for everything we wanted to make with our little harvest, came home, cleaned and cut them (all-in-all a long, yet rewarding day).

But what did we make first with our strawberries? Pancakes, of course! Delicious, fluffy pancakes with strawberries and powdered sugar on top – made with our good friend Ollie in mind – a meal fit for an Owllama!

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