Ollie's Home!

You can imagine my excitement Friday when I opened my front door to let the gorgeous day shine in and found Ollie had arrived! I smiled, did a little jig, made sure I had my phone’s camera ready and tore into the box…and I was not disappointed! He is wooly like a llama, has the wings of an owl and has a quirkiness that is all Ollie’s! I immediately showed him around his new home and I think he likes it here as much as we like having him (which is a whole lot!).

Ollie and I have big plans together. Come summer, when Ollie the Owllama launches, he will be my travel companion. First stop will be New Orleans to attend the American Library Association Conference. Then we are off to book signings, schools and whatever else comes our way. We will continue to share our adventures with you, and would love for you to come meet Ollie at one of our events in the future. You can event take a picture with him! #ollietheowllamaselfie

A huge thank you to Budsies’ amazing design team for helping me the past few months in creating such an amazing stuffed animal!

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